Are you looking for a Tree Service Company in the Atlanta area? Then Tree Service East Point is the company for you. With decades of experience, trained and licensed employees, and the necessary machinery, we offer tree care services at moderate prices.

It's best to schedule an appointment with us today. One of our professionals will then stop by to see you. This way we make sure that we offer the exact service that is really needed. This saves time and therefore money.

Do you have trees on your property? You want to know their state of health? Want to know if it's still safe to leave them standing? Make an appointment with our arborists. Our experts will not only take a close look at your trees, they will also perform various tests.

This will not only determine pest or disease infestation, but also if the tree is still healthy from the ground up. If it is not, our experts will discuss with you exactly what needs to be done.

We have many options, from pruning or cutting down the tree, to nutrients, to pesticides and other measures if needed.

And of course, all the work we do is done carefully, quickly and reliably. So you can enjoy your free time while we get the job done.

Choose the professionals - choose Tree Service East Point!

About Us

We are a local East Point tree care service with decades of experience. Of course, we are a licensed ISA business and fully insured.

Safety is our number one priority. We put the customer and all their questions and needs first. So far, there has not been a problem that we have not been able to solve to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Call us! Our certified arborists will be happy to assist you. And should it be an emergency, our 24/7 emergency service is there for you.

Fast - Reliable - Uncomplicated. One call is enough!


Severe storms continue to occur in the Atlanta region, snapping branches and even uprooting large trees. This is where quick action is needed to avert even greater damage. Trees weigh tons. When they fall, they are an unpredictable hazard. But even trees that have already fallen are still a source of danger. You should in no case try to remove the tree yourself.

Some people have already suffered serious injuries or even lost their lives. It is impossible for a layman to estimate how the weight distribution is, or where the tree trunk will fall when the tree is cut. Apart from that, you are generally liable for the damage your tree causes, whether on your property, on the street, or to your neighbor. We, on the other hand, are insured. Call the professionals before more damage is done.

Our professionals can assess the situation and they will take the necessary safety precautions. Of course, we also have the right machines that are needed in such a case. Use our 24/7 emergency service!

Be smart, protect yourself, your loved ones and your property.

It is also wise to take precautions. To do so, it's best to make an appointment with one of our licensed arborists. They can tell you exactly how your trees are doing, whether or not they are healthy and robust. He will also advise you on preventative measures that can be taken to minimize the risk of storm damage from any of your trees. Of course, we are also happy to carry out all these measures for you.

​So you can face the next storm with peace of mind.


Often times, trees need to be removed because they are diseased, have excessive pest infestations, or are rotten and dead.

To that, a tree may have grown too large than originally thought and is making too much shade on the house, which can lead to moisture and mold. It may also simply have to make way for a new building.There are many reasons for tree removal. That's where it's a good thing Tree Service East Point exists. We are happy to advise you. Safety is our number one priority. Not only do we provide generous fencing, but we also employ only qualified, skilled workers. In addition, we have the necessary machines that are needed in such a case. So you can rest easy knowing that your concern is in the best hands.

Often tree pruning is enough. This involves cutting out rotten or dead branches. This allows the healthy part to continue growing.

Regular crown pruning rejuvenates the tree and ensures even growth.

Let us advise you free of charge which solution is best for your garden.


What could be more beautiful than to have healthy trees in your own garden. Not only do they provide shade, serve for a children's swing or even a tree house, they simply gladden our hearts and convey peace and quiet. How relaxing it is to sit under a tree after a hard day's work. Not to mention, properly placed, they are a real eye-catcher!

Such a tree planting should be well thought out, so that the tree in retrospect does not disturb or become a danger. Because remember, a tree is very durable. Let us advise you. After a detailed look at your garden and a conversation with you about your wishes and ideas, you get from us a proposal of how your garden can look. We not only take into account your wishes, but also take into account the conditions of the land. And we also know which trees grow best in our climate.

So the garden dream does not become a nightmare!


Did you know that there is such a thing as a calendar for your trees and shrubs? The right actions at the right time can work wonders. While the same actions at the wrong time can have a negative effect.

Here is a brief overview of the actions we offer:

Early in the spring it is important to apply so-called resting oils to your plants. These kill the insects and eggs that threaten your plants.

In late spring we take another close look at your trees and shrubs. Are they healthy, or do they have problems with pests or diseases? Then we initiate the necessary measures after consultation with you.

When temperatures rise in early summer, the burden of insects increases. These include aphids, worms, beetles, mites, caterpillars and more. If your plants are affected, we apply the necessary measures. Whereby we are careful to use as little insecticides as possible.

In the late summer, we take a closer look at your trees and shrubs to see if they are affected by disease or fungus. The necessary measures are then carried out.

In late autumn, the main focus is on prevention.

We treat your plants with an environmentally friendly oil that renders hidden insect eggs harmless. In addition, your trees and shrubs need nutrients for healthy growth, which we achieve by applying a fertilizer specially adapted to the needs of your plants in the root zone.

All measures are of course carried out by our highly trained arborists.


In addition to our tree care services, we also offer tree stump removal. Tree stumps not only look ugly, but they are also a source of danger. Insects like termites and ants love to settle there. Pests that really nobody wants near their home!

They also attract and transmit diseases to the healthy plants in your garden. Don't let them do that! We have the necessary machinery to completely remove your tree stump so that it is no longer visible. Only sawdust will be left from it so you can plant new things there if you want to. Do you have any questions? Call us or simply fill out the contact form above. We are also happy to inform you about our other services, such as cutting hedges and shrubs, or shredding and spreading mulch.

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