Tree Removal & Stump Removal

It is impossible to imagine our landscape and gardens without trees.

They provide us with shade, healthy fruit and oxygen. Parks and forests are used for relaxation and recreation.

Sometimes, however, a tree has to be cut down, namely when it becomes a danger.

This can have various causes. One is when it has simply become old and rotten. Even small rotten branches falling down can cause serious injuries. But diseases or harmful insects can also take their toll on the tree, causing parts to break off or even the whole tree to break apart during a storm. That's why it's important to have your trees inspected regularly by a certified arborist. This can explain the exact condition of your trees and the necessary measures. In this way, greater damage can be averted. After all, pruning the tree or treating it with the right preparations is often enough to keep it growing healthily.

In addition, our arborists can point out possible sources of danger to you. For example, if a tree that is still young can become a danger to buildings or utility lines in the next few years where it is located, our arborists will easily spot that.

There are two ways to cut down trees. For the method most commonly used in residential areas, the tree is cut down piece by piece. The individual tree sections are carefully lowered with safety lines. For the second method, the tree is cut down as a whole. This, of course, requires space, which is why this method is carried out only in open areas or in the forest in the case of large trees.

If a tree needs to be cut down at your place, our team of experts will come to you. This team not only looks at the tree, but also at the surrounding area. How close are buildings or utility lines, important criteria that help decide which method to use.

On the day the tree is to be felled, our team comes to you and prepares everything. This includes the necessary ropes, pulleys and rigging equipment to safely remove the tree in sections.

Once everything is prepared, the first thing our team does is remove the tree's branches, working from the top down. The branches are sawn into manageable pieces and lowered to the ground in a controlled manner using ropes and pulleys.

Then the same thing happens with the tree trunk. Again, we start at the top and saw off piece by piece with a motorized chain saw and carefully lower it down.

We can process the wood into firewood logs for you or dispose of it.

After the sawing work is finished, we of course clean up.


If the tree is to be cut down as a whole, the process is the same. The only difference is that the tree is sawed small at the bottom.

No matter what method is used to cut the tree, what remains is the stump. This, too, should be removed as promptly as possible to prevent it from becoming a problem in the first place.

It quickly becomes home to unwelcome pests, such as ants and termites.

Diseases also like to settle here and spread from there. With our stump grinder, the tree stump will be nothing but wood chips in no time.

We can also advise you on planting and which trees would be suitable in our area and for your property. And of course we can also do the planting.

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